Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2 pints of blood and a packet of trouble please!!!!

Well what a day yesterday, It all started off very well, Bill, the lovely warrior, picked me up at 11am. We went to the hospital and booked in. I asked to use the lift to get to the wards rather than the stairs as I know I wouldn't make it without stopping 3-4 times.
We got to my room and settled in. I forgot, I was asked to do a blood test before so it was back down to pathology for that. Up to the room again, I was told that antibodies had shown up and Dr D wasn't sure what it was so that was the reason for this blood test. It had to go off to Exeter, which is about an hour away, so we would had to wait till it was analysed. I then had to wait to have my cannular put in by an anesthetist, a ward Dr came in to do it. I told her I usually have an anesthetist, she went away to speak to the nurse. In the mean time I had been warming my hands up with a mini heated pad and had been drinking lots of water as this helps the veins to relax and widen. The anesthetist arrived around 2:45pm,  he did a local anesthetic first, I don't always get that. The reason for this he said was if he had to do more than 2 attempts as he knows how it can make someone very upset. One attempt and it was all done, a piece of cake, I didn't feel a thing!!!

He was pleased I had warmed up my veins and said that he wish all patients would do that, I told him that the nurses are the ones who suggested it, it does work.
3:20pm and the first bag was up. Bill and I chatted while all this was going on, talking about having meso and swapping stories and how it affects us. We also said that everything was looking good and going well, no hiccups, famous last words. Bill stayed for quite a while, he went off home as he had an appointment at home with someone as bag 2 was being sorted out. All is going well, no problems, even Dr D called to see how things were going and was told there were no issues. It looks like I will be home around 7:30pm........ WRONG!!!.............. Bag 2 was started, I had a strange cold feeling as soon as it had started, I felt cold float down from head to toe, I didn't take any notice of it. As it is going in, I am feeling so cold, I thought I should buzz Trish, my lovely chemo nurse. She came in and I told her I was feeling so cold, she took my temperature, it was going up, the blood was stopped.
She went out to call Dr D to tell him what was happening. By this time I am shivering with the cold, it's my old friend "Riggers" making an appearance. When the bodies temperature goes up, the body starts shaking and shivering to regulate it and bring it back down. I have had them before.
Trish came back and said that Dr D said to try it slowly, by the time she had come back, the riggers had calmed down. As soon as she started it again, the riggers started again. I told her to flick the lights off and on and I would shiver and could pretend I was in a disco competition : )

Blood was switched off again and it was looking like one pint would be it. The blood life is 4 hours out of the fridge so our time was limited. Trish went out and called Dr D again, He suggested piriton, an anti histamine, and see if that worked. Trish said it was up to me if we try again. I told her I was here already, the blood would be wasted and if there were any problems, we could stop it.
Attempt number 3...... Here we go, Trish started the drip and all was fine, looks like the pirton had worked. We managed to get the whole bag in. Ann and bill returned at around 7:45pm. They had missed all the drama but I had kept them informed.
Phew..... all done, I was now so hot but my temperature is coming down. The reaction to the blood was explained to me, there would have been something in that bag of blood that my body didn't like. I had a bit of a panic when I looked up at bag 2, it said "negative" on it, I am positive. I asked Bill to check and he said yes it says negative. I buzzed Trish and queried it with her, panic over, I can have negative, it is universal, anyone with a negative groups can't have positive. Both bags were negative, you learn something every day.
So, it was off home at 9:20pm, I was shattered. I went straight to bed, I was so tired.
This morning I am feeling much better, I went up my stairs and it didn't feel like I was climbing Everest.

 Cannular in at last.

Bag 1, no issues with this one.

Relaxing in hospital and waiting for it all to be finished.

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