Friday, 1 February 2013

Blood cross check.

Kieran went off to school this morning. He is just staying for half a day. I got up and had a very slow morning. I had breakfast and sat and rested. I called my oncologist to ask if he had received the blood test results from my GP. I spoke to his secretary who said she would pass my message on.
I went and had a good soak in the bath, got out and got dressed just in time to hear the phone going. It was Dr D's secretary, Dr D wanted to talk to me.
He asked if I could get myself to the hospital ASAP for a cross match, I said I would but feeling a bot delicate, I knew I would be in trouble if I took myself up there on my own. I called my friend who cam over right away. We went straight up and I had it done, it would all be ready for Monday.
I will be having another blood transfusion. I know I will feel so much better when I have had it done.
The breathless, weakness and cold extremities.
So it will be a quiet weekend for me, a weekend of lounging and not going to far as I feel so exhausted. It is so frustrating when I know I can do things but it takes so much effort. I need to sit down and get myself together before I move onto the next chore.
Yes Aunties, I promise I will be good, My Aunties list is getting longer : )

I was so pleased to hear my friend Polly's news this week, she has no cancer detected after she went for a scan. Polly lives in the USA, we keep in touch via facebook and text.

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