Saturday, 16 February 2013

Chemo canceled.

Thursday evening was eventful. I went shopping to get some bits and pieces so Siobhan wouldn't have to worry and carry heavy things home. I am loving the new car, she was so much easier to drive today and it will get better.
When we got back home, I felt very cold, chilled to the bone. A few hours later I started the shakes. I get these when I have an infection, the body temperature goes up and the body shakes to bring it back down. It is called the Rigours, I think that is how it should be spelt.
From 7 pm until 8:30 pm I had four.  I took paracetamol that calmed it down. I called the hospital, Dr D advised calling the Dr's and he wanted them to come out and do an examination. Siobhan called at 7:15 pm , they eventually arrived at 8:45 pm. The Dr checked the kidneys and my lungs. All was fine apart from the shivers. My temperature went up to 39.5.
The Dr called out an ambulance to take me into hospital. I got to the ward and sat in a corridor for an hour before a bed was ready. They were so busy. I eventually got a bed around 10:45 pm. Lovely..... an air bed, these aren't very comfortable. They are for patients who can't get out of bed, they help with circulation. They are ridged and not the most comfortable but, I had a bed.
I tried to get off to sleep, 5 ladies who were in the ward with me were all moved to different wards during the night and more ladies came in. The ward is as busy as it is during the day.
I didn't get much sleep, around 5 am I had another shake, more paracetamol. I eventually got of to sleep only to we woken to ask what I wanted for breakfast, it's 7:30 am I would rather had been left asleep.
I got myself washed and dressed after breakfast. Then it happened, I had to have a cannula in....oh no. I did say that I have small veins and could I have a small cannula, No my veins are fine, we will find one. Here we go, first attempt which really hurt. The HCA tried to get it in, it was having none of it.
She then said the Dr would try. Again I said that i can't have the large ones. But no, we are going to try.
Attempt 2, no joy, so what did he do??? ...........  Down size!! yes, that was what I was saying. This is why I hate going into hospital. I wish that the Dr's would listen.
Eventually attempt 3 was successful. I was in tears by this time. The Dr apologised, I have to say that the staff on the ward were lovely. Very helpful. I had the anti biotic put through the cannula. I was told that I could go home today. I really want to, although they were lovely, I don't like being in hospital.
I was in all day when eventually I was told I could go. the Dr's seem to think that I may have had pneumonia or on the tail end of it. I have different anti biotics to take. Hopefully this will sort out the infection. Bill, my lovely warrior friend from our support group, picked me up and took me home.
I was so pleased to be home. Siobhan made cheese and potato pie which was lovely and I took myself off to bed after I had eaten. I was so tired. I had a good nights sleep, woke up to a strain on my leg, I think I did it while I was shaking. My temperature seems stable today. It was fluctuating last night.
I hope I am on the up now, I want to get out in my new car : )
Chemo has been canceled so I will find out next week if I start it on Friday, it may all depend on how I am feeling.

Home at last and Tess's lovely card (below)

Tess will be going through treatment again. I hope all goes well for her, thank you Tess, we will get through this together x x

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