Wednesday, 6 February 2013

CT results

I woke up this morning feeling awful. I was feeling hot, although my temperature was normal. I have a productive cough which the remnants of are green so that means infection. I had some anti biotics in the cupboard so I have started them today.
I slowly got myself together and got ready for my appointment with Dr D.

Siobhan and I met Jeanette for lunch and then we all went off to the hospital to see Dr D.
I knew that Theo had progressed, we discussed this last time. Dr D was reluctant to give me radio therapy as it can damage the lungs and as mine are already challenged it didn't seem wise.
He talked about me changing to another Dr at Derriford, she is NHS only. I said I would rather stay with him, he was fine with that.
He had talked to the Dr about treatment, I will be having chemo again. This time it will be Vinoralbine, a 10 minute infusion every week with blood tests at certain intervals.
I have agreed to this, Dr D also suggested a Hickman line, I wasn't too keen on that and said I was happy with the way things were done at the moment.
I am all booked in for chemo next Friday 15th February. All in all it was what I expected. Dr D explained that some cells were stronger than others and different chemos will affect them. I will be losing my hair again but I am not bothered about that, it is the least of my worries and I love my wigs.

I have added the imaging report below.

Imaging Report

History - Mesothelioma on chemotherapy: follow-up.
Comparison is made with the CT scan of November 2012

The left apical mass has increased from 31 to 38 mm.
Left internal mammary disease is stable. The aortopulmonary and left hilar nodal disease is stable. Disease at the left base is unaltered in appearance.

Disease in the right hemithorax has increased in size. Particularly the soft tissue disease seen in the oblique fissure and posteriorly to the thoracic portion of the inferior vena cava.

There is no evidence of disease below the diaphragm.

The tracheo oesophageal fistula is unchanged.

The pulmonary nodularity remains stable.

Conclusion : Progressive disease, particularly in the right hemithorax.

I forgot to mention, Dr D suggested a Hickman line instead of all the cannula. Me, I am not to keen after all the trouble I had trying to get a PICC line in
I am going to think about it, I think it is because they have to get someone out of theatre to do it. If it comes to choosing, I will stick to the cannula for as long as I can and will have to let the drs do it, hoping they get it right first time.


Karen said...

Hi Debbie. Just keeping an eye on you. Have everything crossed. Kick it's a!$ e as hard as you can, it needs it! Love Karen x

Debbie said...

Thank you Karen, he is going to be getting another dig next week : ) Thank you for you support x x

Deepak P said...
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