Monday, 11 February 2013

Dr's today.

It has been a lovely sunny day today. I am feeling much better, still a little breathless but I think that could be asthma, pick and mix it is at times!!!
I met my friend, Carolyn, for coffee and a cake, I had a chocolate eclair....yummy.....  and it was a Thorntons one.
I got a bit overzealous yesterday, had my breakfast, a bowl of cornflakes and my glass of water with my tablets then thought....Mmmmm.... a nice cup of coffee and maybe a Tunnocks bar and Cadbury's shortcake biscuits. Just a tad too much as I haven't been eating that well but as I am taking steroids my appetite has sky rocketed and little miss Piggy me troughed the biscuits a little too quick. I felt like I was going to hurl and yes, it didn't disappoint. My own fault, silly me.

I had a nice long chat and another coffee with my friend. We went our separate ways and I went off to the Dr's for a check up. i saw a new GP in the practice, she was lovely. She did all the checks, blood pressure, oxygen levels, temp, ears, throat and all the other checks. She listened to my lungs, all sounded clear apart from the asthma wheeze.
I have some more anti biotics as I will be taking the last one tomorrow. I have another course to make sure the chest infection goes and have steroids and anti B's to keep in the cupboard for any other infections that may start. I have to have a thyroid test, this will be after the chemo as it can affect the results and need to do a urine test. Kidneys seem to be holding up which I am pleased with as I thought they were knocked back by the chemo.

So it was back home and then out to do the shopping. I am so pleased to be back on track. I can't help being active, I think it is good for the mind and the soul. I am not a sit around person and love being out and about, especially when it means meeting lovely friends like Carolyn.
Wednesday is not only the first Support group meeting of 2013 but it's the day I get my new car.... whoopeee!!! .......... I am so nervous about driving her out of the show room car park but I feel we are going to have a great time. The only downside is seeing my lovely Halo car and knowing she has to go : (   ........   If I could have both, I would, but I can't, I have to let go.

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Karen said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Enjoy the new car and have fun! Love Karen x