Monday, 25 February 2013


I was ready for the consultant this morning. I was not happy that I had been left all weekend with no communication and with the thought that I was lying about the allergies I was getting.
Bill, my lovely warrior friend, came in to support me when I spoke to the dr. Him and his wife, Ann, have done so much for me over the last few weeks.
We waited to see the dr, he arrived at my bed side at the ward, I told him I didn't want to talk on the ward and could we got to a private room.
That was agreed and he went off to find a room. He didn't mention anything about the weekend and all that had gone on and what his junior colleague had told me.
I told him that the dr I saw on Friday had said that they had come to the conclusion that my allergy attack was anxiety, I was having a panic attack about taking a tablet and having a reaction. The consultant said he knew nothing about this. I asked to se my hospital notes, he asked for them to be passed to him. I wanted to know what was written in them for Friday. It did mention anxiety. I asked why this was stated to me on Friday? He couldn't tell me as he insisted he didn't know. I did say I thought they all communicated and surely they all agree about what will be said.
I find it highly unlikely that a junior Dr would repeat anything if a consultant hadn't discussed it first as the consultant is his boss.
I also mentioned that I had discharged myself. I told him I could have had the weekend at home and come back on the Monday, he said this was a sensible thing to do but I reminded him that the dr on duty said it wasn't a good idea. The consultant didn't even know I had medication yesterday and had a reaction. Why are they not communicating?
I also ,entitled someone filling in the gaps, saying I have had a meal when I clearly have not had what is written on the sheet. It says I ate 3/4 of cottage pie, I wouldn't eat that as I am a vegetarian and there was no veggie cottage pie, even if there was, I wouldn't eat it as I don't like the texture of it. I think because I had gone home on Friday and knowing that my notes would be checked, it was done very quickly to cover up. Not the fault of the staff on the ward, they have been amazing. They are so busy, so many very I'll patients on the ward that need a lot more care than these nurses can give them.
So many failings, I feel sorry for people who don't have a voice, they could have gone through the day and ate nothing but the sheet would tell the nutritionist that they had eaten, so very dangerous.
I am at home now, I feel so relaxed, happy to be home again with my children and my cats.
I am going to rest, I have promised Siobhan and my friends I will.
I have a reiki session on Friday which has come just at the right time. I am going to see my friend Many's new cats and that it is, that is on Thursday. Also my lovely new car, I need to get out and about in her. But the most important thing is to rest. The consultant is going to get in touch with an immunologist which was what I have been thinking for days. I need to get my chest infection sorted out so I can have the next lot of chemo, so it's 2 weeks break before battle commences again. What we all need is some sunshine and fresh air.

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