Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hospital failures.

This is the promise the hospital give. I didn't find that I had clear information, I was left with the words of a junior Dr telling me my allergies were psychological all weekend. I was so upset on the Sunday when, I once again, had an allergy and was in tears thinking I wouldn't be believed. That has to be the worst thing. Dismissing what has happened to someone is cruel. Dr's should be listening to the patient as they know exactly what is happening to themselves.

Again, another failure, this is my care plan, it tells the Drs, nurses and dietician exactly what the patients diet is like. I am medium to high risk due to my illness. I was horrified to see that I had eaten 3/4 of cottage pie. This was not a veggie version either and I wouldn't have eaten that. This was meat. I didn't have cornflakes either. I think it was filled in after I had left the hospital as, I believe, there is a lot of paper work if someone discharges themselves so all the i's need to be dotted and the t's crossed. I also had someone else's name above my bed saying soft diet which was there all day, right up until I said I was going. I don't blame the staff on the ward at all. This is a respiratory ward and the staff are dealing with far more than those issues. They have many dementia patients as well who are climbers and escapers. They also have some very ill patients who need round the clock care. There are not enough staff to cope.

This was in my notes the day I discharged myself. I was not upset about the reaction to meds and didn't feel that I wasn't getting better. The reason I left was because there was no communication. I waited all day for pharmacy to say if the had the Tigecyclin in as this was the next treatment. At 6:30pm i decided I had waited long enough. I found out all I needed to know in 1 1/2 hours which I had been trying to get all day. The Dr wanted to start to treatment that evening. i said no, I will be back 8:00am sharp on Saturday morning. As it happened, I was allergic to the Tigecyclin too.

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