Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hospital food.

I was so pleased to see that James Martin was doing another program about hospital food. After over a weeks stay in hospital I found the food was very much under standard. When people are in hospital and getting over serious illnesses and operations, nutrition is a big part of recovery. The food in Derriford hospital comes from Wales, it is all pre-cooked and frozen. It is put in an oven and cooked before coming out to the patients. Having a special dietary requirement seems to be a real problem, the kitchen staff order what the patient needs and it doesn't arrive. A lot of the time people are having their families come in with food for them.

My experience has been the usual one. I am a vegetarian and a fussy one at that, I don't like peppers or mushrooms which is why I don't say I am a vegan. I am not a vegan but have tried before and the vegan meals before and it is always mushrooms or peppers. I don't like the texture of meat so veggie cottage pie is a no no. I don't like the taste or smell of it either. I tell the staff I am vegetarian, there is usually a vegetarian option which is vegetable crumble, vegetable bake, pasta dishes. I don't like pasta and sauce dishes. I like plain simple food that I can see what I am eating, I don't want things hidden in my food. I ordered cauliflower cheese, twice, and each time macaroni cheese came up. All those tubes going on, yuk. I am a fuss pot but I know what I like. Thank goodness for Siobhan and my friends bringing in food and being mobile enough to get off the ward to go to the hospital restaurant to buy something for my meals.

Breakfast NHS style, cracked cup with the tea and toast.

This was supposed to be cauliflower cheese, it is actually macaroni cheese. Not very appetising.
The kitchen staff were wonderful and changed it to roast potatoes, swede and cabbage. Not difficult to do. Thank goodness for the wonderful people who dish out the meals and understand how important it is to have a hot meal each day.

Hot cross bun for breakfast and a cup of tea for breakfast courtesy of my friends Chrissy and Avis, thank you girls x x

My lovely girl, Siobhan, brought me in a little picnic which I had for my tea as i was dished up macaroni cheese again. Cheese sandwich, a lovely cup cake she had made and some other treats. Thank you baby, this was so sweet x x

So that is my rant, good luck James Martin, I hope you manage to change things for patients. It is one of the most important rules of recovery and is included in care plans.

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