Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It's that day!!!

It's arrived, the day I get my new car. I am still very nervous about driving the car but I am sure I will be fine.
I woke up this mornng feeling achy, I know what that means. The mistletoe has kicked in. It gives a flu like symptom, it is a good sign, it means my immune system is tackling it. I felt a little warm as well. I can't take any paracetomal as that brings the temp down and the immune system should do it itself.
I am so pleased it is giving these affects.
I heard some sad news yesterday, one of our group has passed away, a lovely man and his wife who traveled up from Exeter to our group, 55 years old, how is that right?
His poor wife and family, 55 is far too young to leave this earth. Condolences are sent to the family and blessings to our lovely spport group member who should still be here.
I will be going to the meeting this morning.

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