Monday, 25 February 2013

More fun at the hospital!!!!

What an eventful time I am having, I checked myself out of the hospital on Friday evening and went back in at 8 am sharp Saturday morning. Rotten cannula put in, thr Dr found a big vein and did it in one shot. i was worried at first that I was goingto be practicedon by a student nurse but that was not even thought about, the job went straight to the Dr.I started the new drug, Tigecycline, later that day, it is bright yellow in colour and matched the disposable aprons perfectly.
All went Well with the dose.
12 hours later and it was time for the 2 nd dose. All was going well until my arm started to get very itchy. I looked down to see a rash. I told the nurse as I wanted it noted, I could not manifest a rash surely just by thinking about it. I was not in a panic and was very calm, I wanted this one to be the one that would work.
I lifted my ID band and underneath ear was a yellow blister like mark. I had tissues which means the cannula is not in the vein, it is going into the tissue. The drug was stopped right away and the cannula removed.
I waited all day for another cannula. No one around to do one as I am so difficult with my little veins.
I went off to sleep, wonderful, it was quiet so a good night sleep was needed. It was never going to happen.....1 am I was woken by a Dr to out the cannula in, I was in such a deep sleep that she scared me half to death when she woke me.
She got the cannula in first time, thank goodness, I was so tired that now I cannot remember if I had a treatment or not, will update when I remember. I had a treatment later in the day, about 3 pm. The drug was put up and started. I got a real strange taste in my mouth, I thought this was down to it tissueing the night before. My arm was itching like crazy again. I kept an eye on it, sure enough, here comes the rash.
I told the nurse who, again, stopped it right away.
She asked Siobhan if she would watch me as she was very busy, they are fully stretched on this ward. The rash was still building up. I told siobhan I was going to ask for an ant- histamine tablet, which I did. The nurse was dealing with someone else and I would have to wait.
I got back to my bed and I could feel my chest tightening. I was getting upset this time as I have been left all weekend with the Drs telling me that I am manifesting this myself. I to,d siobhan to go and get someone as I had pressed the bell and the nurse can take an age to come. She went straight up to the nurses station and told the Dr there. The dr came down and then the nurse with the pill. I had a nebuliser put on and sat in the chair, trying to stay as calm as possible.
I could feel it all easing of, thank goodness.
Why would anyone really want to create this feeling, I hate not being able to breath, it scares me to hell.
So, no more drugs until I see this Dr who will be getting both barrels today and I will be firing him. I want a second opinion, I know it is my immune system attacking anything coming into my body as it can't determine what is friend and what is foe. I have emailed Dr Orange, my mistletoe man who knows a lot more about the immune system and may help me get some answers.
Only time will tell.

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