Thursday, 14 February 2013

More gifts today.

I went to the Dr's this morning to have a thyroid test and took my urine sample in as well to check my kidneys are doing alright. First things first, I put Polly's charm in the car. She sent over a dragonfly from America as a Christmas gift. It looks lovely in the car, Thank you my twin x x x

 I drove Olivia, or Livvy as I am going to call her now, to the Dr's, Still a little nervous, but I did it.
I got home, picked up some little bits for my lovely friend Tina, it was her birthday on 31st January, she was in Japan visiting her son. I went round to her house only for her to come out and say "I was going to pick you up?" She has misread her own message and thought I had wrote it. Join my memory club Tina..... lol x x
Tina got in my car, She is the second person to have a trip out in the new car, Siobhan being the first.
We went to the Beefeater at Marsh mills, we had soup and garlic bread. My TOF didn't like the garlic bread so that was left. We made sure we had room for dessert of course : )
I had profiteroles and Tina had a Sundae..... Delicious.

 I dropped Tina home, she asked me to wait, she popped in her house, out she comes with a gift. I feel so spoilt this week. I got home and opened it up, it was from Tina, her son Adam, Kumi his wife and their little girl Ellie. Such thoughtful gifts. A cat purse, cat notepaper, envelopes and printing pads in a lovely little Japanese bag.

Thank you Tina, Adam, Kumi and Ellie x x x

There was another package on the sofa when I got home, It was from Richard (NAH). It was a lovely card with a cat on, if you haven't guessed it, I love cats as much as dragonflies.
There was also a notelet pack with envelopes, dragonflies on them. Thank you so much Richard. Thank you also for your lovely message in the card, I need a Richard fix, it has been a long time.

I think I will be writing a lot of very special letters : )

I went out to get some shopping as I may not be able too over the weekend. Siobhan and her BF came with me, his first time in the car. We went to Asda, we didn't need much.
The cashier, I think she was trying to be helpful, said "give me the bag, there is a knack of putting eggs in the bag" I thought she meant the real eggs we had bought, I was confused, as was Siobhan, I am 53 years old for christ sake, No, she meant the Easter eggs. How have I managed all these years without her doing it for me????

Mmmmmmm, suppose I shouldn't moan, at least she wasn't chatting to her mates about break times and when she finishes her shift while she is serving me, that is what usually happens.

Any way, back home we go, I feel so cold tonight, I can't get warmed up at all. My shoulder, the right one, was aching a lot last night. I am not sure if there is a little fluid. It is shoulder tip pain. Nothing in the back though. I will take some pain killers tonight and see if that helps.

Chemo tomorrow, I am not looking forward to that, Tess, another blogger has chemo next week. Steve has just finished his.........  TIME FOR A GROUP HUG I THINK X X

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