Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New car today.

I was so nervous this morning. I was being trusted to drive a brand new car out of the sales room carpark and back home. Siobhan came with me as I felt so nervous. My friend, Mandy, and her husband, Dave, Picked us up at home and drove us to the show room. We looked around outside but couldn't see the new car. We went in to meet the saleman, he was busy doing a handover with someone else.
My appointment was 11 am, we eventually saw him around 11:15 am. This was making me even more nervous, prolonging the agony!!!
We had a wander around when Mandy and Dave spotted the car in the rear car park, there she was, bright red and waiting to go home.
Mandy left about 11:35 am as her son had an appointment. Siobhan and I filled in all the paper work, then it was time.....oooeerrr..... I was going to get in and drive off.
The saleman asked if I would like him to drive her out of the carpark, I said yes. It has been tipping with rain all day, not the most perfect weather to try out a car.
I swapped places with the salesman, this was it, my turn. I had precious cargo, Siobhan, so I needed to be careful. I carefully drove out onto the main road. The brake was a little sensitive, to be expected as Halo is an old bird and maybe I am inclined to be heavier on the breaks because of her age.
I got us home, Went in to get my glasses as I was off to the support group meeting, I forgot I needed them.... D'oh!!
Got in the car, where are the glasses, I know I picked them up. I had also forgotten the paper work for the meeting. So it was back into the house again to pick this up. I still couldn't see my glasses so I picked up another pair. I got in and drove to Derriford Hospital, Guess what I found in my coat pocket??? Yes, My glasses..... !!!
I was a little late for the meeting, what a greeting, so many people worried about me and where I was. Those reading my blog had said I was picking up my new car. It was sad as we had lost a warrior. Condoleneces to his family, such a very sad loss.
We also missed Marilyn and Phil who live in Cornwall, Phil has had chemo and wasn't feeling well. I hope we can make up for it at the next meeting.

Sandra, my lovely warrior friend, gave me a bunch of Daffs and 2 bunches of Tulips at the meeting, how lovely was that, thank you so much Sandra x x

 When I got home I had another surprise, Karryann and Stacey, 2 warrior sisters who lost their dad to mesothelioma sent a sweet little card. People are so very thoughtful. The girls also lost their mum, not to meso, they miss their parents every day. I am so very lucky to have these wonderful people around me, thank you so much girls, it's beautiful x x

I spoke to Kate, our specialist nurse about the Vinoralbine today, oh whoopee, I am in for a treat, it is the worst chemo for constipation so I have been advised to take some Movicol beofre the treatment. I hope that is a good tip. Tomorrow I have Dr's, thyroid test and urine test for the kidneys. The Dr I saw said doing it while having the chemo can give a false reading so I will do it tomorrow.

I will be bumbling around in my new car, I have to get used to her. My darling Halo will be going soon : ( I will miss her so much. We all have to move on, I hope the new car makes me as happy as Halo has.

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