Tuesday, 12 February 2013

One more sleep !!!



11:30 AM.


I am excited as tomorrow i pick up my new car. I am also very nervous, which i have said before, about driving her out of the showroom car park.... ON MY OWN.... oooeerrr!!!

I had to share this beautiful photograph. Angela lost her lovely dad to mesothelioma last year. She is a keen photographer and also was a big part of the support group calendar. She took this lovely picture of a dragonfly, it is stunning. Well done Angela, I had to share it on my blog as I love them so much.

I sorted out a couple of things today, took Siobhan for her appointment this morning, came back home and then out again to see Kerry. Kerry is collecting ink cartridges for cystic fibrosis, if anyone has any, please let me know and i will pass them onto her or give her details, she may even collect.
Kerry's little niece has cystic fibrosis so it is all going to a good cause.

After I left Kerry,  I went to get Halo washed. We went to a car wash at Derriford, they were very good, cleaned her inside and out. Not sure when she is going but at least she will be clean. Halo and i have been through so much, she has given me so much confidence. I think that is why i am so attached to her...... so it's one more sleep to the new one. My friend Mandy and her husband are taking me to the show room and then they are off to meet their newest family members, 2 cats. They lost their cat last week, she was very old and has just disappeared, We think she went off to die, animals have a wonderful insticnt for what will happen. RIP little Toby, we all miss you. 17 wonderful years with Mandy and her family. You couldn't have wished for a better family.

I took my mistletoe last night and today the injection site is really itchy. this is a good sign, it means my immune system is fighting back. I don't have the redness like I did when I first started it back in 2008. I have faith in it so i do like to keep taking it. i have just ordered my next lot of mistletoe. I am so lucky to be in touch with lots of people who support me with this medication. Onwards and upwards, Friday it's more chemo and I am hoping the mistletoe supports this chemo like it has the others.

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