Saturday, 2 February 2013

Prof's paper.

I was so pleased to hear that Prof had published his paper on chemoperfusion. He has worked so hard on this and given a lot of people hope and extra time.
I have a copy of it, it anyone would like it, please email me at, I will be happy to send it on.
I was even more thrilled to see when the final paper was published.

I am figure 1 in the paper, the 49 year old woman. Evn looking at it now, I am amazes at how much difference there is in the 2 picutres.

Received August 31, 2011; revision requested November 10; final revision received April 7, 2012; accepted May 1; final version accepted July 24.

Final version, 24th July, my birthday, I am hoping that is a good omen.

After having the systemic chemo in the UK and the chemoembolisation/chemoperfusion in Germany, I have to say that the Greamn one was much kinder to me.
I tolerated the chemo so much better. I had nausea and tiredness and that was about it.
With the UK one, it hit me so hard, my poor immune system was stripped to the core.

I am hoping so much that someone, somewhere will se the potential of this treatment, it will give meso patients another option. It is a start, a platform to begin a new trial.
There is still a lot of work to do but I will always back this treatment, it saved my life.

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