Friday, 8 February 2013

Thank you Linda T.

Yesterday I felt a lot better, My stairs aren't the Everest challenge that they were, it just showed what a blood transfusion can do. I still have a rotten, irritating cough. It has been very productive over the last few days, probably because I am moving around more and encouraging the lungs to kick the muck out which is a good thing. Keeping active is important with a chest infection, sitting around makes it sit on the lungs and cause other complications. Breathing exercises are also very good, both creating circulation.
I went shopping with Siobhan yesterday, we took our time as we walked around the shop, I paced myself as I am still a little breathless. When we got back, I had a lovely surprise, the florist had been and my neighbour passed me a lovely bouquet of flowers.
They were from Linda T, my lovely meso sister. Such a lovely thought. I put them in a vase next to Rose's flower's and Judith's beautiful dragonfly card.
Thank you so much girls, Linda you made a good day even better : )

I would like to say a big thank you to all those lovely people who have been keeping me company on FB as I have traveled through this week. It has been a hard week and I appreciate all your support and good wishes.
I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people around me. Many of those have lost their loved ones, like Rose, Judith and Linda, but still find the time to support those who are fighting, I have so much admiration for you as it must be so difficult to live through it again.

Kieran has been with his dad since Wednesday, I felt we all needed a break from each other as living with Theo and his mood swings with the growth can put a strain on us all. It has been very quiet at home, just siobhan and I. We have all needed it. He is back on Sunday which will be lovely.
Next week is chemo week, Friday I start a new chemo, it's also the week I let my lovely Halo go, she has been such a loyal friend to me. I hate to lose her but I can't keep 2 cars, I will be getting my new one on Wednesday, Olivia, I am excited about that. Halo is overheating, I am hoping that she can be fixed and used as she still runs well, problem being that when she gets hot in the engine, I put the heater on in the car, it's on full blast. It is like a heat wave, when it is cold and wet outside, I must be the only person in Plymouth with my windows rolled down.
I will have the luxury of electric windows and central locking, at the moment i do it the old fashioned way, roll down the windows manually and have to lean over to unlock my passenger door to let in my passengers. I have done this for 8 years, I can see me doing that in Olivia for a little while.
Oh well, onwards and upwards, Theo is due another bashing, I need to pursuade him to go on another holiday, take as long as you like Theo have a 10 year GAP year.....please!!!!
I am in no rush to have you back home again : )

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