Sunday, 3 February 2013

Thank you Rose.

I had a very restful day yesterday. I managed to get some washing on and did the dish washer but it was done one thing at a time, that means dishwasher and a sit down, washing machine and a sit down. I didn't push myself at all. Siobhan made a lovely roast the night before. She used Jamie Oliver's recipe for toad in the hole. She used Linda McCartney's veggie sausages rather than real ones as we are veggies. I was delicious, much better than the one I make.
I sat down and had a day of Judge Judy, I love that lady. I fell asleep, the kitties joined me, all 3 of us were pushing out the zeds in the living room.
The was a know at the door in the morning, I opened it to find a lovely little bunch of spring flowers, they were from Rose, my lovely warrior sister and one of my Aunties who watches over me. Thank you so much Rose, they are beautiful.

Thank you so much Rose, there was a little box of chocolates as well. What a lovely thought x x

I have got myself washed and dressed and feel like I have done a triathlon. First, conquering the stairs, coughing and breathless at the top, a feeling of light headiness and wanting to throw up.
Next, getting my clothes and walking to the bathroom, same thing..... and next getting down stairs to make lunch.  Kitties excited as it's their lunch time so feeding them as well. How can doing such simple tasks make me feel so exhausted. I hope that detailing this helps anyone else who is experiences symptoms like mine. Tomorrow I have the blood transfusion, I am so cross that I will have to ask to use the lift and not the stairs when I get to the hospital. I think we all know the frustration of not being able to do simple tasks.

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