Friday, 22 February 2013

Very large catchup

What an eventful week I have had. Start off trying to clear up a chest infection. On Monday I saw my GP and had the anti biotics changed to a lesser dose as the ones the hospital gave me were too strong and big, very hard to get down. Had one at lunch time, another at tea time and had a choking fit on the smaller ones. As I managed to get rid of it, my airway started closing up. I told Kieran to get siobhan, she was on the ball and grabbed the phone right away.
An ambulance was with me in minutes. My sats had gone down to 85% I think it was and I was having difficulty breathing. They took me to A and E where I stayed until 5 am Monday morning. I think I got into hospital about 8:30pm the night before. The ambulance driver had come back twice and checked how I was, he was so kind.

I went onto the investigation unit. Later on Monday after seeing my oncologist. He spoke to the chest dr who I also saw and went on his team. Dr D is wonderful, he really looks after me.

I then went on the respiratory ward. I had IV anti biotics which were fine. I had a syrup version of the tablet I had at home. With in an hour of taking it I got very lightheaded and nauseous, I told e nurse who gave me an anti sickness drug.
I thought no more of it, It wasn't until the evening that I started to get a red rash on my skin. It was coming up quite quickly. I was surprised as I had taken the talent at 11:30 am and it was now 8:45 pm. I told the nurse who went off to get a piriton tablet for allergies. As she went, my tongue started to tingle and my chest tightened. I pressed my bell but no one came so I made my way to the nurses station. By now I am getting really tight. I shouted to her I was having an anaphylactic attack. She sat me on a chair and quickly gave me the anti histamine tablet. The dr arrived and gave me an adrenaline shot. What a drama!

Things settled down. I had a good nights sleep although my legs were twitching and my heart was so loud, it didn't stop me falling asleep though. I woke up in the night with a mild tightness which seemed to drift off.
So I am allergic to this tablet now and is looking likely it could be a penicillin allergy.

Yesterday it was decided we would try a different drug, no joy with that either, right away I had an attack. I had a third try with another one, this time IV and done slowly by the nurse. She said she was going to stay with me while it was ingested. It didn't take long, she got 4 mls in and I was off again. So the plan is to try again today.

I am so thankful that it isn't Theo playing up or Frederick, my TOF. They get a lot of the blame.
It is a matter now of getting the right drug to tackle this chest infection and then I can go home.
In the meantime I will be in hospital until it is sorted. The staff are wonderful, they have such a tough job to do. Not only are they looking after respitory patients but Alzheimer's as well and a lot of them are wanderers and can be very abusive. It is so sad to see a life destroyed by Alzheimer's.

My daughter, Siobhan, has been the most amazing help, taking on the role of a carer as well as trying to lkeep her business running. Kieran has been the messenger to all the warriors. There have been so many wonderful comments from a lot of people, I am overwhelmed by the love and kindness I get, especially from those I have never met. Thank you so much all of you x x x x x

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