Saturday, 23 February 2013

What a stressful day.

The day couldn't have started in a worse way. A junior dr came to see me and explained that I wasn't getting full blown anaphylaxis , I told him I knew that and it was more of an allergy reaction. He then said the drs had discussed it and they felt that I was having a panic attack about taking the tablet. I was confused as I had a rash, tightened chest and tongue tingling. I asked him what he meant and did he think I was suffering from M√ľnchausen syndrome? I was not happy. I also asked him how I would feign a rash coming up on my arms and legs. He couldn't answer me. He went away and a few minutes later came back and apologised and said maybe he had worded it wrong. I explained to him that I have 2 illnesses that would kill me if I didn't have anti biotics and why would I put a barrier between me and that? I thought the drs would come back as we had to sort out about another drug and I was waiting to see if it was in stock. No one came.

Siobhan came in at 2:30 pm to see me. We waited all afternoon, still no communication from the pharmacy who only had to say that they had it in stock. By 6:30pm I have had enough, I got changed and walked to the door with Siobhan, we were only going to sit outside.
We were called back by a health care assistant who I told I was going home. I asked for the cannula to be removed as I wanted to go home, I felt there was no point in staying at the hospital with no drug as I cold do the same thing I am doing here, at home.
The cannula was removed and I signed the discharge note and was asked to wait as a dr was coming to speak to me. Siobhan and I waited for the dr, he arrived quite quickly. He was about to pull the curtains around the bed when I said I wanted to speaking private. When your behind a curtain it means everyone can hear your business and I didn't want to let everyone know what I am dong or not doing.
We went to another room and sat down and the dr explained that he didn't want me to go home as I wasn't well. He said someone was on the case to pharmacy and he would find out what was happening. I told him I needed a night at home as I was tired and I wasn't getting much sleep with the detention patients acting up all day and all night. I told him I knew it wasn't their fault, they can't help it but I have to think of me and I had already been in a week. He told me that pharmacy had the drug and they could start it this evening, i said no, i will start fresh tomorrow. He agreed to me discharging today and coming back in on Saturday morning at 8: 00 am. So, siobhan and I went home , got there about 8:30. It was so lovely to see my cats and sleep in my bed.

I woke up at 6:30 am and got ready for the hospital. At 7:40 the taxi arrived, Everything sorted, I was off to the hospital. I hugged Siobhan and said goodbye. I got in and satin my designated area. I was told I would have a cannula, a student would do it. I think not, my veins are so bad, in the end it was done by a dr who found a good vein and put the cannula in first time. I have had the first drug, all sorted, no problems. So it looks like all might go well. I will update when I can.

A very BIG THANK YOU to the meso warriors for thinking of Siobhan. They sent her a lovely bunch of flowers as she has been looking after me. Thank you wonderful people. You have made her day x x x x x

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