Friday, 22 March 2013

ADAO 9th Annual conference, Washington DC.

The ADAO conference will be happening tomorrow, 23rd March until 24th.. I had a wonderful time last year, great memories and meeting some very powerful and driven people. People like Matt Peacock, a well respected journalist from Australia, Barabara McQueen, wife of the late Steve McQueen, Fernada Giannasi, who has fought so hard to rid Bazil of asbestos, the fight still goes on. Italian film maker Nicollo, who made a very moving film about the asbestos trial in Italy and featured a lovely lady who is no longer with us.

What a great bunch they are and a very loud voice all together.

The link above is for the live stream. It all starts tomorrow at 8:30pm USA and 12:30pm UK.

Linda and the ADAO team hope you can join them. I know where Mavis and I will be sitting all weekend : )

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