Thursday, 21 March 2013

All moving forward.

Well, Dr K was true to his word, I had a phone call early this morning. I have an appointment at the hospital on Monday afternoon. I think this maybe the allergy test but am not sure.

I haven't done much today, did a bit of washing And the dishwasher.
I feel asleep on the sofa again, felt like I needed it.
Hopefully Monday will now sort out the problems with the anti biotics, what is allergy and what is a side affect. I have a feeling a may be allergic to penicillin now but we shall see what the Dr says about it all. So pleased I moved my butt, again, to find a way to get things moving quicker.

Theo is having a good old go at my left side today, not the shoulder, although that is still paining me. I have put a deep heat patch on to see if it will help, so far so good. So when I get a little relief from that, he decides that is is time to bash out of his cell. Please do it, go, don't come back, are your rubbish with you, and while your at it, I have a whole list of tumour mates you can take with you. Be gone, damn pain in the side!!!

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