Saturday, 16 March 2013

All transfused.

I was up early yesterday morning and got ready to leave for the hospital. The taxi came around 8:45 am. Kieran went off to school and Siobhan was still tucked up in bed.

This is the sight I see first thing in the morning, They follow me into the bathroom and then down stairs, it must be breakfast time : ) I have no idea what Amber thinks she will find in the sink, she digs at it, crazy kitty : )

I arrived and was taken to the room where I would be staying all day. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces, I think I am becoming a fixture in the hospital now : )

The anesthetist came in and dod the cannula, He was great, he number the area he was going to inject first, what a relief as it can be painful at times trying to fid the vein. 
All done and ready for the blood, Trish, the chemo nurse brought in her little red box containing the Count's best house red. We got all set up, all prepared for a reaction as well. It was started, I had a sensation in my tongue but it was so mild, I was doubting wether it was a reaction or not. I didn't say anything and it seemed to clear up, I had a funny taste as well but, again, I doubted it was a reaction as it was so mild. I had the first bag which took about 2 hours. I got untied from everything and went to the toilet. I sat back down when one of the nurses asked if I usually got so breathless, I told her that with Moving about, I do. Thats when it happened, AGAIN..... I could feel my chest slowly tighten. 

All ready to go to hospital with Cher Bear, The t-shirt has a picture of a painting done by the wonderful Cher earnt her angel wings this year. It is very special to me. Nimble as well with his Angel dust and brooch from my wonderful warrior sister, Anglea, Tracey and Stacey, And, If course, my lovely warrior mug from Lou.

                                                   Ready and waiting for the transfusion.

                                                       A coffee in my very special mug.

I told the nurses what was happening and they gave me some oxygen. Trish had prepared a bag of tricks before hand so all was ready. I had Piriton and hydrocortisone which made me feel very sleep and did clear up the breathlessness. The second bag was wired up and induced. All were on standby, The second bag was started. All went well with this one, I was drifting in and out of sleep.

All was finished around 7pm. It was a long day but a good day, another hurdle out of the way. I got a taxi back home and had something to eat. I was still very tired and ended up snoozing on the sofa with Storkie Boy. Kieran came down and woke me up so I thought it was about time I went to bed. My head hot that pillow and I was out like a light, it's the first time I had slept right through till morning for a few days and no pain, wonderful. I am not sure how long the "no pain" will go on but I hope it's a long time.

Thank you Steve and Linda  for you lovely card. It was a treat to come home to a message of support. So many good wishes and thought have been received, I am so humbled by all the kind words.
I am very blessed to have the life I have and so many people around me who mean so much x

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