Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bad night last night.

Well... what a night, I had a sicky episode earlier in the day, I brought up the anti biotics I was taking. They had only just started dissolving as the casing were seen clearly.
I had a relaxing day, Siobhan has been looking after me. I went to Halfords to buy myself a battery charger, I need one as Halo has a battery that is as fat as a pancake now as she hasn't bee used for so long. Saying that, I have hardly used Livvy either.
I did pop in to see my nephew as well, i haven't seen him for a long time.

I am amazed by how people are so territorial about disabled spaces. I have a blue badge and thank goodness I have because I really need it.
I parked in the disabled bay outside where my nephew lives. An woman came out from the building and looked like she was admiring my car. she was asking about the colour and how lovely it looked. Then she asked if I lived her and I said no but my nephew does.
She said "well, you will have to move soon, my husband will be back in a minute".... what a cheek. I told her I had a blue badge. If there is a disabled parking space, anyone who owns a blue badge can park in it. It isn't a designated space for any individual. My Nephew and I were so shocked. How dare she. I asked my nephew if he wanted to go for a quick spin in the car. He said yes and we got in. I took him for a short ride around the block and when we got back, the space was still free. Oh what a shame, I might just come in for that cup of tea!!
I went in and had a chat with my nephew and his girlfriend, they have two lovely children.

I stayed for about an hour and said  I had better go. I went out to find a blue car parked in the ambulance space beside my car, no one around. I got in my car half expecting to see a couple irate old codgers after me but no one came out. I hope they learned a lesson today, you have no right to commandeer a disabled parking space.

I got home, made myself a cheese pie for tea which was lovely.
I went up to bed, I have been relaxing in bed, watching TV and chilling out. It is becoming a habit. All has been well all day. I went off to sleep alright, no issues. At 3:30am , I woke up to a cough. M chest was feeling tight. I was sure it was the same thing again. It started to get tighter and tighter so I took a Piriton, I had some beside the bed just incase.
Siobhan came in as she was worried. The Piriton started to work fairly quickly. I did my inhaler too as I still had a tight cough and it would help to open up the airway.
Siobhan stayed with me till it took affect, panic over, all is fine. She decided to stay in my bed with me as she was so worried. It must be so frightening for her. Such a to cope with and she is so young. I am so glad I have her, she has became like my other half.
We all settled down when Stork came in for a cuddle. He looked horrified as he stopped and stared and realised there was someone else in my bed. We had a giggle about that, he eventually settled down too and we got of to sleep only to be woken again at 5:30 am by cat cries, there was a black cat in our house and Stork was not happy. So that episode was dealt with and we all went back to bed. Siobhan seemed happy to leave me now and went back to her room.

She has given me orders, no going out over the weekend, I won't be taking the anti biotics and she is worried that I will pick up a another cough or cold. This latest chest infection is due to a throal infection that seems to be air bourne. I am hoping that my immune system will kick in and do something to help. Until then, it will be GP's on Monday and admittance to hospital.... Yuk, I really don't want to go in but I know i have to get this sorted out before I can move on with any treatments. The saga continues.

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