Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dr's again today.

I went out this morning to get some hair dye, I thought that the last one I did would be it as the chemo would be kicking my hair out, not so. i am going to stuff those grey hairs out of the way as I am not ready for that look yet and doubt I ever will be.

My friend, Mandy, sent me a text this morning, it was very sad news. A friend I haven't seen for around 16-17 years has lost her son. He was 24 years old, this is so heart breaking. How do you ever get over losing a child. A couple of warriors know, Mavis and Ray and Becky in the USA. They lost their babies at 16 years old.
I went to the funeral home and dropped of a card and a little message. I will wait and see if she gets in touch. While I was there, I updated my details as they still had my old address on my funeral plan.

I had a Dr's appointment this afternoon. The pain in my shoulder is now in my back as well, the pain killers I am using isn't working so I wanted something stronger. My GP prescribed oramorph, this will send me to sleep for sure!!
As long as it gives me some relief from the pain, I don't mind. It isn't too bad when I am out and about and busy, it comes on more at night. I am walking a lot slower and need to sit down more often when I am out, my darling Siobhan is so patient with me.
I told my GP that I think the pain is due to a chest infection as I have a pale green hue with my lovely excretions.
I can't have any anti biotics and, as I thought, I need to speak to Dr D. He will be back next wek so am hoping that my own immune system will kick in and help sort it out.

We are still having problems with our new boiler, it isn't a year old yet but it keeps losing pressure. The gas man has been very helpful, he is trying to find the source of the problem.
Well, I am off to bed and hoping to have a pain free night. I will update tomorrow x x

For Mavis and Ray, Becky in the USA and my friend who lost her lovely son on 24th February x x x

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