Monday, 11 March 2013

Drs today.

I made another appointment to see my GP today. I have heard nothing from the hospital consultant or immunology. Dr D back today so maybe things will get moving.
I had an early appointment, explained to the Dr that I had another reaction at the weekend. I think he is at a loss of what to do. No more anti biotics are being given to me until this is sorted, he tried to ringDr D but the line was engaged, he said he would keep trying. He recommended I had a blood test to check my blood count as I am still having difficulties getting around.

When I left I went straight to reception to book a blood test. I was told it would be Thursday, I explained this was too long and the receptionist looked again, she looked at the nurses appointments this time rather than the phlebotomist, there was a cancellation and I would only have to wait 10 minutes, perfect. All done, Siobhan and I left the surgery, we posted a parcel and did a bit of shopping, it is so cold today, we had a little snow, well, if you can call it that, wispy bits of talcum powder floating around, hardly noticeable.
We got back home and I had a coffee and a toasted tea cake, lovely.

All was going well, the British gas man came round to check the boiler agin as we have had problems with it losing pressure. Within 30 minutes of him going, S I obtain called out, " mum, there is water leaking!". There it was, dripping from the ceiling onto the floor, brilliant. I called the British gas guy back only to get his answer phone, I called our insurance people only to be told it would be a 2 hour wait. I then called british gas who said it would be an hours wait. with that my mobile rang, its the gas man who had just left. He said he would be with us ASAP , brilliant, I told the British gas colleague on the phone that he was on his way, sorted. What would he say? I can't be in a cold house, Siobhan is so worried, she even suggested I stayed with one of my friends.
Siobhan's boy friend took up the floor boards in the cupboard, the gas man arrived, he took up the carpet in the passage way upstairs and started to take up the floor boards. He heard a hissing noise as he started to unscrew the boards, uh oh...... There was a screw in the pipe. This was done by the previous owners, it looks like we have had a tiny leak for the 3 years we have been here so, not only do they try and kill us with a faulty boiler giving out carbon monoxide, we now have a screw in a pipe. The gas man was brilliant, he got it all sorted out, boiler on, warm house.... Fabulous. What a wonderful guy, my upper hero of the day. There are some really lovely people out there. So, all is sorted for now, I will deal with the ceiling later, isn't a lot of damage but it can wait.

Will there be snow tomorrow? In my little street we haven't had any so if there is, it will be the first, guess who will be told ff for paying : )

Whoopee doo, the pain is back in my shoulder and arm. I don't want to play anymore. Please go away pain, leave me alone. I think I need to get my pipes sorted out as quickly as Mr Gas did the houses!!

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