Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter to all the readers of Mesothelioma and Me, to all my warrior friends, family and especially to my children, Siobhan, Richard and Kieran, Another milestone conquered.
Kieran did his Xbox marathon and raised a massive £268 for cancer research, Well done Kieran, such a good thing to do. Be very proud of yourself, I am very proud of you.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored him.

I tucked into an Easter egg after my evening meal. I bought bunny Ears, I love them. I made a promise to myself, next year it will be a bunny suit. I am looking forward to that one : )

It has been a quiet and lovely weekend. Next week it is back to the normal routine, Dr's again to get some antibiotics that I can take. Now I know I am allergic to Penicillin it should be easier. My shoulder has started to play up again, I do wonder if the little amount of Antibiotics I have had has helped with the infection, it's just not enough to blast it.

It is also Global Asbestos Awareness week next week.

Please take a moment to watch this video fro the British Lung Foundation. Asbestos is dangerous. Don't mess with it, your life depends on that.


Maurice Reid said...

Hi Debbie,

The courage and strength of you and your family in the face of adversity is inspirational.

Take care,

Maurice Reid
N. Ireland

Debbie said...

Thank you Maurice, hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.