Friday, 15 March 2013

Hello pain. Why do you return so soon?

It is 2 am and the oramorph I took at around 11 pm is wearing off. I have had some sleep, I will try and catch up tomorrow while having the transfusion. I still have another hour before I can take anymore.
I bought a battery charger at the weekend and silly me, after speaking to my friend, Jayne, I realised it was the wrong type. The battery has to be removed from the car and charged indoors, silly me!
I took it back and changed it for a portable one. Now I have to learn how to charge it, making sure I put the crocodile clips on the correct pat of the battery. I need to get halo moving again, she has been in the garage for a month.
I am hoping to sell her to someone who will give her the TLC she needs. I know she has to go regardless but I wan to give her a chance to move on and be used and not scrapped.
She is a good car, just needs some fixing up.
No call from the immunologists secretary yet, she did say she would call today, my lovely lung nurse, Kate, called with a name for me to contact as the immunologist is retiring.
I will get onto that next week.
I also had a call from the sister on the ward I was on, concerning my care plan and details of a meal I. Am supposed to have had added without speaking to me. We both agreed that something needed to be said. I told her I am happy it is being dealt with and I have a voice, there are vulnerable people that don't and the staff need to know just how important these charts are.
I also told her that I was in for a week and didn't ghetto see a nutritionist or get a decent meal. Any dietary requirements seem to throw the kitchen services into a downward spiral, they are letting people down.
It was a good conversation. I told the sister that I had no problem with the staff at all, they were wonderful and were so busy it was understandable things were done on the quick but it shouldn't be happening. It is good to have feed back and for someone to listen rather than try and justify why it was done and make excuses.
It's going to be a long day tomorrow, taxi booked and computer packed so I am all ready to go. I am expecting to get some reactions when I have the transfusion, I think Dr D is expecting it too as he has told the staff I have to be watched, so no tricks tomorrow : )
I went done stairs and made myself a movicol drink and a complan milkshake. Walking upstairs is hard a three moment, I am so breathless. Hopefully tomorrows transfusion will help with that as a low blood count does affect the breathing. Here's hoping for a good day with no issues x x

Just a little message to Mavis and Ray and all the other warrior patients and families out there. Thinking of you all as our battle continues x x x x



I hope the transfusion makes you feel a bit tester Debbie. You are an inspiration to us all. You have so much to cope with yet you stay so strong. Big hugs to you. You support other people, I hope you get support in return.

Debbie said...

Thanks ou Anne, it's people like you and your generous sop port that helps me got through. I appreciate your comment x