Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Immunology appointment.

It's Monday morning, the start of the week. Kieran is off to school, he has a treat today, he is going paint balling. I hope he has a fabulous time, hopefully him and his friend will reflect a little on the games they play and see how hard it is to really be up against the enemy, but I doubt it.
Saying that, I hope he has a great time.

I made another GP appointment, my breathing is really bad at the moment, I am not sure why, I am sure the meso is under control, I have had a blood transfusion not long ago and can't believe that the blood count would drop so quickly. The only other thing would be asthma, mine is usually very mild but maybe the cold weather is causing it.
My GP did the usual checks, he suggested another blood count test next week and steroids, I have another 7 day course.
It is so frustrating not being able to do the things I know I can do, even a simple task like changing the duvet or walking upstairs. I know I can do it but my body gives up, my mind doesn't and that is where the anger sets in. I am not one for asking for help, I hate it, I feel so stupid and useless, but I know I have to. Siobhan has been so good, helping me change my bed and keeping an eye on me. It does make me feel like a burden and I don't want to be. I know I have to take a step back and let her and my friends help. I think we are all the same, very good at helping others but not good at receiving it.

In the afternoon I went for my oncology appointment. I got to the hospital, the queues for parking where awful, people were being directed elsewhere as the car park was full. I decided to park by oncology, I managed to find a space there and I got a disabled on, thats a first since all the charges came in. I got to the ward I needed, it is called Eden, I haven't ever noticed it before. I was met by a nurse who showed me to the waiting room.
Dr K arrived and said to follow him to his office. Such a lovely man, very gentle and kind. He explains everything well and knows what he is talking about. He said I would have the skin test done first and then the drugs put further under the skin. He would be testing Augmentin, Tazocin, Penicillin and Amoxycillin.

The skin test didn't reveal anything apart from the redness and itchiness from the histamine which is expected. The under the skin test was the same, nothing came up after an hour. I have been booked in for Wednesday morning to test other antibiotics, I think this will be done intravenously.

I got home after a couple of hours at the hospital, Kieran had had a lovely time. I was pleased to hear that.

Pin prick test of drugs, Amoxycillin, pencillin, Augmentin and Tazocin. The bottom right (+)
is histamine, it is supposed to give a reaction.

 The under the skin test, no reactions at the hospital.

 9:49pm last night, number 2 is not happy.

Number 2 again, really itchy, it woke me up.

Dr K has just called, I have sent him the pictures, he seems to think I have an allergy to penicillin which I do agree with him. I had a reaction last night at 9:49pm and again at 2:00am this morning.
I will be back to the hospital tomorrow morning to have intravenous antibiotics.
I got put of bed this morning and took an anti-histamine as I felt tighter in the chest than I usually am, I was coughing a lot too. I told Dr K about this and sent him the pictures.
Saw a bit of the lovely colour when I coughed this morning so I definitely have a chest infection. At least now I know it's not all antibiotics I am allergic too, thank goodness for that.

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