Monday, 18 March 2013

Lunch with Rita yesterday

My shoulder is still playing up, not too much during the day but mainly evenings.
It was a lovely day today, sunshine and blue skies, shocking to see that my friend in Oxfordshire had deep snow... what is going on?
I had a slow morning, pottering about, getting dressed and waiting for Rita to arrive.
Right on time, she arrived at 12:30pm. We made our way the the Elfordleigh golf and country club.
The meal was lovely, Being a veggie, I always find there are mushrooms or peppers on the menu. I don't like either of them so usually look for vegetables.
The pictures have got a little mixed up, dessert is first for some reason.

This was dessert, Rum and Orange cheese cake.

This was my main meal, a roast beef dinner, without the roast beef and gravy. The vegetables were cooked perfectly.

This was the starter, Goats cheese with beet-root and pine nuts.

Rita and her friend, Eric, such a lovely couple.

Eric and I with the back drop of the golf course.

Rita and I, she is very special to me. Such a wonderful friend.

The last time was there was over 26 years ago, I was pregnant with Siobhan. I went to a wedding there, such a beautiful place and just how I remembered it.

The weather stayed good all day. About time there was sun shine, I think we all need it.

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