Sunday, 17 March 2013

More pain.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday, a call from my friend, Linda, who I haven't seen for a while. She came over for a cuppa and a chat. She produced a little pot of Daffodils and a gift, naughty Linda, such a sweet thing to do.
It was a dragonfly brooch, so pretty, it catches the light beautifully. We chatted for a quite a while, it was a lovely catch up.
I didn't do much else during the day, later on I had a takeaway, another friend came over. That was great too, we had a good old catch up as well. I ate all my curry, my appetite seems to be back to normal at last.
My friend left about 9 p.m., i got myself ready for bed. All day I have had no problems with the shoulder tip pain, 24 hours free of it, I go to bed and it starts again.
I took Salpodol, that took about an hour to get into my system. I was getting so angry with it.
I didn't want to take Oramorph because it makes me so sleepy and I am having lunch today with my friend, Rita and her friend, Eric. I want to feel bright and alive, not sleepy.
The sun is shining here, blue skies, so I hope this is it for the day. We are going somewhere out on the moors for lunch so dressing up warm is a must.
Tomorrow will be a day of phone calls I am sure, Sorting out the immunology appointment.
I just want to get on and get all this done so I can have the chemo treatment and get back to work. I want my life back. Its all needles and hospitals.

Who ever is in charge of dishing out problems, I think you have had your monies worth ...... Enough now!!!

 A dragonfly brooch and a little pot of Daffodils from my lovely friend, Linda, Thank you so much.

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