Friday, 8 March 2013

No luck with the anti biotics

My lung nurse rang back yesterday, she had been in touch with the chest Dr. He has sent a letter and copied me into it. It is to get an appointment with the immunologist. I was surprised that he hadn't called him considering the urgency of me needing anti biotics before I can have any more chemo. I did remind him that I am a terminally ill patient and can't afford to be on a waiting list, so, I wait for the letter that didn't arrive yesterday so maybe today or tomorrow.
I have decided that I am going to see a different Dr, this one doesn't seem to understand my situation, although he should, as he was the Dr who gave me my mesothelioma diagnosis in 2006 and my TOF diagnosis in 2009.

I took the anti biotics yesterday and within 30 minutes I was feeling sicky, sure enough, I was. I wasn't sure if was the anti biotics or not.
I took them this morning and the same thing happened. I saw the capsule casing so they were starting to be ingested, my immune system has kicked it out. Thankfully I haven't had the anaphylaxis symptoms.

I don't want to be admitted to hospital today, no point, the Dr's aren't around just a skeleton staff, so I will wait the weekend and start the ball rolling on Monday. I really don't want to go in, I will try and get on the private ward if I can. I am so lucky to have private health care with Orange or EE as they are known now. Why can't life be simple?

So, it's back to square one, my lung nurse has been fabulous, she found out a lot of information yesterday and is going to help me to change Dr's.

So for now, I am not going to take anymore anti biotics.

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