Sunday, 3 March 2013

MARF conference, Las Vegas


Not long for the MARF conference in Las Vegas. I would love to have gone but circumstances don't allow it. MARF raises funds for research into find a cure for Mesothelioma, support, education and advocacy. They are a wonderful group. I am sure their conference will be wonderful, so many inspirational people under one roof.

I had reiki yesterday, I have had 24 hours of peeing!!! The healing flushes out the system, like a detox and I have to say, my system has been very busy : )

I am still taking Nurofen for my painful right shoulder, it does pull me down, pain does. If it wasn't for pain, I would be out and about, meeting friends and doing all the things I did before. I have been very good and done what Siobhan asked me to do. I still haven't heard anything from the Dr about seeing an immunologist. I must admit, I am enjoying the break from needles and treatment.

My temperature seems stable, no more rigours (shakes).

I am going to have a quiet weekend, staying in, I took my sick note to work today, I am off for another 2 months, will I ever get back to work? I miss my friends and my job. I want things to be normal again, no mesothelioma, no chemo, just me and my family enjoying a normal life. Come on Theo, play the game, give us some time to get back to normal..... 10 years should do it, 50 if your feeling really generous  : )


A message from Linda Reinstein, Co Founder of ADAO,

Linda will be holding the 9th ADAO conference in Washington DC between March 22nd and March 24th. Please email Linda at:

You can also use this email to share your story. This deadline has now been extended to 3rd March 2013.

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