Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Onwards and upwards.

I was up early this morning, made Kieran's sandwiches and got myself ready for hospital. I had my breakfast and had a bit of a coughing fit. Lovely, a chest infection is definitely starting I got there early and got a parking space. It wasn't that close to the hospital but I managed the walk, I think I stopped about 3 times. I made my way to the hospital, I was there 15 minutes before I needed to be. It is a lovely ward, Eden, I hadn't seen it before. It is very much like park attwood, a gentle dr who knows what he is talking about and explains everything so well. I had sent him pictures of my reactions as they happened so he was up to speed with what went on after I left the ward on Monday. I had reactions to number 2 which was Penicillin and number 4 which was Augmentin. I also told him that I had to take a piriton on Tuesday morning as I was coughing and getting very tight chested.

Next was trying the doxycycline which I had a reaction to. I am hoping there is nothing. I had a cannula put in just I case anything happened, no need, I was fine, I am so pleased. I asked Dr K if I could continue the course of doxycycline I have at home, he said yes. I hope I can get on top of this infection now and then have the chemo, I need to get that out of the way so I can get my life back.

Next challenge, getting back to the car. There is an incline so getting to the hospital was all down hill, a little easier than having to walk up it which is what I would have to do now. I looked at the car park, it was like looking at Everest, I can do this I am telling my self. I am the little engine that could. I started the walk, stopped about 4 times, I could see Livvy as I stopped to catch my breath and was wishing I had a button on my key fob that would drive her to me. I think, I can, i think I can I said in my head over and over again as I got closer and closer to the car. I touched the handle, I know I can, I said to myself, proudly: ) I did it. I say in the car and got myself together before driving ff. well done little engine.

So all in all, a good day.

I will be having more tests but not until April. Dr K retires tomorrow so I think I squeezed in just in time. I wonder how long I would have to have waited if I didn't pay privately o see him first?

Kieran didn't have his parents evening yesterday as his teacher was ill so I am not sure when that is happening. He has his last Easter service at school tomorrow, not long before he leaves school, where has my baby gone, the vulnerable little 10 year old in 2006, the year I was diagnosed. I can remember having so many tears that year and 2007, thinking this is it, I will never see this again, and here I am, watching his last one.

Life is good : )

The picture below is my reaction to penicillin, I was so pleased to hear that I was allergic to it and it isn't psychological as the junior Dr had informed me. No anxiety here : )

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