Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Out and about today.

I had a slow morning today, I was tired and went for a nap after Kieran went off to school.
He got himself up and ready for school, I made him a sandwich the night before. He did well this morning.
After my nap, I has a bath and got dressed. I wanted to take Siobhan out to lunch. We went to Saltram, I haven't been there for a a while. As we drove in, we saw the meso tree on the left, it looked lovely, snowdrops waved to us as we went by.
We found AC parking space, it was very busy today. We watched the ducks play as they tried to entice each other, spring is in the air : )
We went into the restaurant which was really buy, we had our lunch which is always lovely there, it is always freshly made. I remarked to Siobhan that the hospital could do with the chef in there.

After lunch, we took a slow walk to the meso tree it is looking really healthy , growing so tall.
I can remember when it was planted in 2008.
I could see there were daffodils around the base too, I am not sure when they were planted. I certainly look lovely and colourful.
We made our way back to the car. I was getting a little breathless, I am sure I is due to walking around and getting all the awful muck out.

I have been tired and feeling nauseous today. I had about half of my lunch, it was a very large cheese ploughmans.

We got home and I fell asleep on the sofa. Kieran came home, his music playing, iPod in his eras. He went to a school he will be doing work experience in, he still wants to study catering. He said his day was wonderful.

I made myself cheese pie for tea with sprouts and kale. I was delicious, I didn't manage it all as I choked on it. I think my TOF need widening again, this combined with a chest infection is nt good but I am so pleased the muck is coming out. I didn't feel like eating after that. Siobhan said she thought maybe I had done to much, I probably have but I like going out and I wanted to treat siobhan as she has been so helpful.

I am going to see my GP tomorrow as I feel the chest infection has got worse. I am worried it will change to pneumonia again. My GP told me last time that I may need to be admitted because I can't have any anti biotics. I still haven't heard from the immunologist, I was told it could take 4 weeks, this is far too long. For now, I have gone to bed, my new pyjamas on that my friends gave me, stork is on my bed, all snuggled up.

So a quiet night for me and, hopefully a pain free one. : )

These two looked so funny in the front seat of a car.

Snow drops at the meso tree.

Snow drops were looking good this year, very healthy and happy.

Beautiful, in memory of our warriors past and present and their families x x

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