Monday, 4 March 2013

Problem solved.

I had problems with the blog over the weekend. Some readers were finding there was a black box over the page. Siobhan, my wonderful daughter and my personal technical support, worked it all out. i had tried to add some script to the page but it hadn't shown up. I added it 3 times, this was a copy and paste script, it turns out it was called facebook photo theatre. Siobhan removed it and all is back to normal.

Back to the weekend, My shoulder has been so painful. I think the chest infection is coming back as the muck is looking that horrid colour we all hate.
This could be the reason for the pain.
It is all on the right side this time. I am not sure what to do, a call to my oncologist is in order I think because if I go to my GP, he will tell me to do that. I have been taking Nurofen and will try some Salpadol tonight as last night it took me a while to settle.

I am not sure if I need a dilatation because my swallowing is a little tight. I can feel the blockage, only very slight but don't want it to get so bad that I can't eat. My appetite is wonderful, I made a roast last night, the first meal I have made for us all since coming out of hospital. Siobhan has been doing all the cooking up until then. I made veggie toad in the hole, my favourite meal, with roast potatoes, kale, sprouts, carrots and swede, it was delicious.
I have to say that I am feeling so much better. If I could sort this pain out  I would be back to my old self.
I have advertised my loyal friend of 8 years, Halo, my little car. I tried to start her yesterday but her battery was flat as a pancake. I need to get her out and about once a day, she has been in the garage all the time I was in hospital. I will be sad to see her go, saying that, I am enjoying driving around in Livvy.

I hope Halo goes to a good home, she is a good car, great for short journeys, she needs a bit of TLC as she over heats. I can't keep her, wish I could, but I have to be realistic.

I am hoping to get out and about a lot more this week, got some things to catch up on as it has all got pushed back due to me being in hospital. I am going to have to contact British gas again as the boiler is constantly losing pressure. It's not a year old yet and i have had engineers in 3 times to resolve it and it is still going on.

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