Friday, 1 March 2013

Reiki today.

I have had a very restful week this week. Yesterday Kieran came home from school and said he had something in his eye. He was getting very stressed with it so I got the little eye wash pot for him to use. It wouldn't come out. I took him to casualty, they have an eye infirmary there. We were standing, waiting in the queue when Kieran said "it's gone". I looked at him and asked if he was sure, yes he was, he was sure. Typical, good though as eyes are very precious. It did give me an opportunity to get out in my new car though : )

Today I had an appointment at the local Mustard tree centre with Jenny, who does Reiki at the cancer centre. I used to have it done years ago and stopped. I made an appointment a few weeks ago to start going again. It was lovely, so relaxing. I have made another
 appointment for next week. I want to keep going as it is so relaxing.

I have had a lot of pain in my shoulder recently, last night it was hard getting off to sleep. I am not sure if it is fluid in the right lung now as it is shoulder tip pain, similar to what I get on the left shoulder at times, if I have a chest infection. I am hoping that it isn't but when we have the illnesses we get to recognise the pains and aches that go with it and what they mean.
I am popping some Nurofen at the moment to combat it although it doesn't seem to last. I will have to keep an eye on this one.
I haven't heard anything from my Oncologist or Dr. I am waiting to hear from an immunolosgist, I feel a bit lost at the moment.


 Thank you lovely warriors for the flowers you sent to Siobhan, they also sent Kieran a cinema voucher. such a lovely thought. I have been so spoilt since I got back from hospital.
I had flowers and chocolates from the warriors.

 Tina, my friend, came in to see me yesterday. She was armed with flowers, soup and cake. She had been very busy. I had the soup for tea last night, it was lovely. Her lemon drizzle cake is beautiful and her flowers, the pink ones are so pretty. Thank you Tina, it was great to catch up with you.

I went out in my car yesterday to visit my friend, Mandy, she has 2 new additions living with her now. She has got 2 cats from the local cats home. They are so lovely, Mandy gave me some flowers as well. Mandy's are the yellow ones. Thank you girls, it was lovely catching up with you.

Chrissy and Avis came over in the week. Hot cross buns and coffee all round : )

I have had so many lovely cards and good wishes,  there was a lovely one from the flower group, we have a little group on facebook that sends out flowers to those who may need a little lift.

The lovely card from the warriors, it is so pretty.

Thank you also to Diane and Mike who sent this card and gifts, it is so kind of you.
they got the little bag to go with my new car, such a lovely thought.
I am so very lucky having such lovely people around me.  x x x x


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