Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Remembering Denise

I had the most beautiful picture sent to me on Facebook today.
Lou is the daughter of Denise, a wonderful meso warrior her fell asleep last year. She had a new camera which Lou had found pictures on and one of them was this picture of a dragonfly. Denise certainly had an eye for beauty. It is a perfect picture.
Thank you so much Lou, it means so much to me that you thought to send the picture to me and what a wonderful legacy your mum has left.
I was privileged to meet Denise in October at the mesothelioma UK conference, such a wonderful lady, a West Country bird like me. I will remember her with a smile and this beautiful image will always have a special place in my heart.


My GP called this morning, he is still trying to get hold of Dr D. He said my bloods were low and I need a transfusion, I asked him if he wanted me to call Dr D as well, he said yes so that is what I did but I did it through the chemo nurses so they could bleep him.
The nurse rang me back and said that I needed 2 units and now that I have a specific blood type, It would need cross matching ASAP. I went up to the hospital right away. I got the blood cross match done and will have the transfusion on Friday. I still have a pain in my shoulder, it came back last night. I tried Solpadol which took around an hour to take affect so tonight, if it is bad, I will take oramorph.
Usually the pain is chest infection, maybe it is because my breathing is difficult at the moment. I am hoping that after the transfusion I will bounce back and the pain will go.

It has got very cold here. There is snow in a lot of places all over the country but nothing here yet.
The meso meeting is tomorrow and if it snows it will be cancelled I am sure.

I have been asked to take part in the Royal Marsden online learning environment for the school of cancer,nursing and rehabilitation. I am asked questions about living with mesothelioma from a patients perspective, This will be my 3rd year, I am so proud to be asked again. I am always asked if there is anything the nurses cannot talk about but as it is learning, I think I have to be open about everything, how will they learn otherwise. Some of the questions can be quite graphic, I am happy to answer any of them, Sarah, the lung nurse at our local support group, took part last year and said she enjoyed it and learnt from it.

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