Thursday, 7 March 2013

Remembering Tony.

My wonderful friend Pat and her family are remembering their courageous warrior, Tony today. It is 5 years since he died. Such a sad loss to them and to many people.
Pat and Tony were very instrumental in finding Professor Vogl in Germany. Tony was going to go but never got the chance. This is were I followed the path he had created. I had to do it for Tony, Pat and their family.
Thankfully, they were right, The treatment in Germany has given me so much time considering I was very limited when I went to see Prof for the first time.
The strangest thing was that I never doubted it would work. My instinct was very strong.
I am sure Tony was beside me the whole time. He has a special place in my heart.

Dr's this morning

I went to see my GP this morning, I was feeling unwell when I woke up, tired and lethargic.
My GP told me to take the anti biotics I have in the cupboard and also prescribed steroids.
I bought some piriton in the chemists just for back up.
If nothing helps, I will have to be admitted to hospital again. I don't want this turning to pneumonia.
I took the steroids and anti biotics when I got home. Hence they didn't stay down. I am hoping this isn't going to be another allergic reaction. Will find out when I have more tomorrow.

My lung nurse, Kate, rang up. She apologised for not getting back to me yesterday as she was'n't in.
She is going to ring around and ask some questions. She said she will call back this afternoon.
Siobhan has been so helpful to me, such a lot to cope with for very young shoulders. She is being very honest and telling me to slow down or rest if she thinks I am doing too much.

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