Friday, 29 March 2013

The end of an era.

Yesterday was lovely, the sun was shining and I was off to see Kieran's last school assembly at Plympton St Maurice Church. It is a lovely place and certainly sets a good back drop for the assembly.
Kieran played a few bars of forget you by Celo Green on the keyboard. He did very well. The younger children did little performances about Easter eggs and remembering the real reason for Easter. It was a short service, one hymn and then all off to school for coffee. I didn't go back to school, I dropped Kierans' dad home and then back home to my house.

Kieran and I at Easter 2008, the year he started senior school. Where have the years gone? I have just realised, it's the same coat : )

Kieran and I at the church yesterday.

The passover scene in the back ground was knitted by a 94 year old lady.

We found a little reminder of Spring in the church yard. With the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, Spring seems to have been deleted.

I had a Doxycyclin yesterday morning. I took it when I came back from the church. I had had a 50g one at the hospital on Wednesday and was alright with that so thought I would have another go at taking them as I need to kick this chest infection. How wrong was I, I took it when I had my lunch, with plenty of water as the instructions say. With in an hour I was bringing it up. This morning I thought I would try it without food so took one this morning with plenty of water. Same again, I brought it up. I have to conclude that these tablets upset my stomach so they are off the list of ones I can take too. I do wonder if it is the strength. I only had 50mg and the ones at home are 100mg. I have to take 2 to on the first day and 1 for the rest of the course. It could be that or it could be that now I take Omeprazole for my reflux, it's that which is irritating it. Who knows, it means another appointment with the GP.
Today has been very quiet, Kieran met his dad in town to get a game, He is doing a 12 hour Xbox marathon to raise money for Cancer Research. He has raised £191 so far, well done Kieran. He made £140 last year with his radio show and £340 for comic relief last year. I am so proud of him.

Another one I am proud of is Siobhan, She has been very busy being creative. Her latest this is her cat stickers. They are lovely.

Anyone interested in her work, please mail her at :

Well done Siobhan x x x

 Siobhan's prints and cat stickers. She is selling the cat stickers on her ETSY page for £1:35 a sheet.

The link below is her web page.

So there it is, After hearing in 2006 that this is it and 2007 thinking it would be my last Easter Assembly, I am still here and seeing my 6th one and seeing the lovely work my daughter is doing  : ) 
What was lovely yesterday was as I walked towards the church, on the path was a little white feather. I like to think my dad wasn't very far away x x x x

I am so lucky to have this life.

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