Sunday, 24 March 2013

Well done Mavis.

It has been a weekend of watching the conference online. Mavis and I couldn't travle this year due to our Mesothelioma. It was so good to be included in what was happening. We stayed up until 12:30am to watch all the talks from Asbestos experts, our friend, Christine was there too and, of course, the lovely Linda. She works so hard and is, not doubt, working on next years program. We caught up today and watched Lou present Linda her ward.

I was so proud of Mavis, I had great memories from last years conference.
I was so honoured to get the ADAO award, It is very close to Linda's heart, It is named after her husband. She doesn't give it out to just anyone. It acknowleged the work that we, as mesothelioma warriors, have done with social networking. Setting up support groups and meeting people who may live near us when we can. It also acknowledges the awareness that we promote about asbestos and the search for a cure. The award didn't just belong to me, it belonged to all warriors.

How proud was I to hear back that Mavis, my wonderful warrior friend had won the 2013 Alan Reinstein award. Mavis doe so much for people, not just face book and support but joinign patient and carers gropus and puts across the NHS from the patients perspective. She has becaome a very special friend to me, we live parallel lives.
Well done my friend, I can think of no one better to carry on our good work. You deserve this and many more.

Lou from Australia went along, she is a meso warrior and very kindly helped Christine and the flower group with a secret mission. We had sent an award to Christine to give to Lou when she met her in Washington and for Lou to present it to Linda, Secret mission underway : ).
It was a meso warrior award 2013, Mary our lovely health professional from the USA got the 2012 one so we all decided it would be a great surprise for Linda if she got an award,  Mission complete, Lou presented it to Linda, I had tears in my eyes as I watched 2 magnificent warriors on the podium. i think Linda was moved to tears too. It was good to see Heather, I met her last year, She, like me, is into her 7th year. It is so good to see people fighting back and taking control of this awful disease that still has no cure. Thank you Linda, Doug and Emily and your wonderful team for a fantastic conference. I am hoping I can go next year.

Christine from IATP and Heather, Meso warrior. Wonderful picture x

Linda's award, The 2013 Meso warriors award, Presented to Linda Reinstein for outstanding contribution to the meso community.

Mavis with her husband, Ray, Looking very smart, With Linda. Mavis,  receiving her Alan Reinstein award 2013 from ADAO. Well done Mavis x x So proud of you my special friend x x

Lou who presented Linda with her award. Mission accomplished : )

Well done everyone who took part, you are all amazing x x x

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