Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What a busy day.

It has been a busy one today, not intentionally. I went to the South West Mesothelioma Support Group meeting, it was lovely seeing all the wonderful warriors. We had a talk from a guy who is organising a patient and carer forum. This is what I have been looking for, it is somewhere  that the patients and the medical professionals all come together and learn from each other. I am very interested in it.
There is also a survey/ trial going to be started by one of our oncology Dr's, if we get chosen. So much is going on.
After everyone had gone, I spoke to Kate, our lung nurse, she had been working very hard to find out information about my immunology appointment. I am pleased with the support she has given me.
While at the meeting Siobhan sent me a text. Dr D's secretary had called, I have an appointment at 3 pm today with Dr D. I called back and left a message on Dr D's answerphone to say that I would be there.

After the meeting I went home, I got to the gate and met the postie who gave me our letters and a little parcel. I went in doors and was certain the little package was for Siobhan. When I read the label, it was for me. I couldn't remember ordering anything. Little 'ol me gets very excited with parcels : )
I opened it and inside was a little gift from Lou, Denise's daughter, the lovely lady who I blogged about yesterday, she took the beautiful dragonfly picture.
The gift was a mug with Denise's dragonfly on and a little message "VERY SPECIAL MESO WARRIOR".  I was so overwhelmed, how lovely.  what a lovely, thoughtful gift. Denise would be so very proud of her girls Lou and Kelly. They have had such a tough time, especially last week being mothers day and here they are, with all their heartache and pain, thinking of someone else.
I love this little mug and will treasure it so much.

Denise's beautiful dragonfly picture put on a mug.

 Thank you so much Lou, What a lovely thing to do x x x

A quick bite of lunch and I was off out again to see Dr D. I am loving the new car so am having no problem being in and out of the house.
I got the the hospital and waited to see the main man, I didn't have to wait long. He was so helpful, as always. I have a transfusion on Friday, we ironed out a few things there as we went to see the chemo nurses to explain what would be happening. I would have to be watched as I would probably react to the blood again.
I told Dr D about the referral to an immunologist, He told me to explain my situation and see if I could get an appointment ASAP.
I asked Dr D about the pain in my shoulder. He said it is more than likely a chest infection as Theo, my meso, is on the left. That was good to hear. He said there would be no chemo until things were sorted out so don't think about that at the moment.

After the appointment I went home and rang the immunologists secretary. I told her my name, she said that Kate, the lung nurse had spoken to her. I said I had a letter from the respiratory consultant referring me to Dr K. I received the letter on Monday, Dr K hasn't received the letter of referral. I was very surprised as Dr K's letter would have gone through the internal mail.
The secretary said she would call back tomorrow. I have explained my situation and told her that the problems with the anti biotics is holding up the chemo treatments.

So, for now, I think things have moved forward. Thank you so much Dr D. : )

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