Monday, 18 March 2013

What's next?

I took my new car for her 4 week check up today, all is fine with her, I wish I could say the same for me. I am now in limbo land and not sure what to do next.
When I got back home, I called the immunologists secretary only to et an answer phone. She was supposed to be calling me back on Friday but that didn't happen. I then called another immunologist who is with the same team, got her secretary, what a waste of time that was. I said a referral letter had been sent to Dr K, I also told her I had been given the name of the other Dr by my lung nurse. All she kept saying was the letter is probably on their desk and it will be looked at on Wednesday. I tried to explain my situation, she didn't seem interested. I can understand that she is only the secretary but she could have asked to take my number and get back to me... useless.
I rang Dr D s secretary, another answer phone. I left a message and as yet, have heard nothing.

I amso frustrated at moment, my shoulder is playing up again, I took some paracetamol with nurofen this evening which seems to have helped for a couple of hours. I know I have a slight chest infection, siobhan has tonsillitis so I am waiting to see if I get a throat infection and hoping I don't. I am stuck if I do.
All I want to do is get that damn chemo out of the way and get my life back.

I was upset to hear that a friend I chat to in Australia is now very ill, it doesn't look good, this disease is so cruel. I thought she was a miracle lady as she has survived 14 years with this bastard thing. Seems none of us are invincible. My thoughts are with her and her family x x

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