Friday, 26 April 2013

Ambassador for MKMRF

I had a call this morning from the one and only Chris Knighton MBE. She founded MKMRF (Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund).
Chris's husband, Mick, had mesothelioma, she has worked very hard to get her charity noticed. She has raised over £1,0000 for the charity and picked up an MBE last year for the work she has done in the mesothelioma community. It is so well deserved.

                                                Chris picking up her MBE from the palace.

So it was a great surprise this morning when a cheery voice on my phone asked me if I would become an ambassador for MKMRF. Of course I said yes. We are, after all, rowing the same way, towards the same island and coming together is important.
I am so proud to be asked and hope I can do it justice.

The Mick Knighton website is below, Chris has snowdrop funds on her page were families can raise funds in memory of their loved one, this makes it a little more personal.

Thank you so much Chris and i hope I can fulfill my obligations.

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