Friday, 19 April 2013

Back home and rested.

I came out of hospital on Monday and went back home briefly to repack my case. It was lovely seeing Siobhan again, she has done great at looking after things while I have been away.
She has done well, the cats were looked after, they are confused with everything. I repacked and went back to William and Ann's house. They have been wonderful, I stayed with them for a couple of days, their house and spare room was very welcoming. I have been very relaxed there, they have looked after me so well, Ann and William give so much support to our group. William has Mesothelioma himself and I think it helps both of us spending time together. Love is sent to Phil, Bernard and John who have been having issues at the moment. We are thinking of you all. Love to their other halves too, Marilyn who is a little trojan, such wonderful carers.

I have a blip at Ann and William's as my TOF is playing up at the moment. I aspirated which has set me back a bit. I called my GP and arranged a phone consultation. I asked for some steroids, he was happy to oblige.
When William dropped me home, I drove Siobhan to the Dr's and picked up my script.
I took my steroids yesterday, I can feel the difference today. My appetite, which has been non existent for a few days, has started to creep back. I have the nibbles.....YAY!!!!

It was so good to be back home. Storkie Boy didn't leave my side, Kieran and Siobhan are so very helpful and Siobhan's BF has been a great help too.
I am going to take it real easy. I can feel the difference since I started the steroids. The TOF is being looked into as I am having problems. I will contact Dr TOF and see what he says as well.

Storkie Boy, all comfy on his mummy's bed.

Bench and stool at the mesothelioma tree, Saltram Park, Plymouth.

Great Benches, Thank you National Trust. An Oak leaf and an Acorn, so lovely.


Thank you  to everyone who supported my family and I, there are some wonderful people out there. Lovely to see so many lovely faces while I was in hospital. It helped so much, Special thanks to William and Ann who have been fabulous. x x x x

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