Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dr's today

My shoulder was really playing up last night, it was so painful. I haven't had any pain for about a week, I think that was due to taking steroids, it seems to help with the inflammation. I took the last 6 steroids yesterday, I had a 7 day course of them. As soon as I stop, the pain comes back.
I did eventually get to sleep, I took Nurofen and paracetamol. I didn't take Oramorph as I knew I would be driving today and it makes me very sleepy.

I had a blood test this morning, this is to check my blood count again, if it has dropped I will be surprised as I had a transfusion not long ago.
I am still breathless, it seems a little better than it was but, again, that could be the steroids.

I went back to the Dr's this afternoon to see if I could have some antibiotics. He advised to wait and see what the blood test says. This pain is driving me mad. I did a sputum sample, no colour with it so not much infection but I feel I need to get ahead of it all now.
The Dr asked me about my shoulder as I said it was still painful. Last time I saw him he gave me a number to call for the walk in clinic, It took me 3  days to get through as the number is constantly busy. When I did get through I got an appointment for 10th April, So much for walk in.
I know there is nothing wrong with my shoulder but the Dr feels it needs checking out. I know it is to do with my coughing and breathlessness.

It has been a lovely day today, the sun is shining beautifully here in Plymouth, there is still a very cold air about the day. The cold air is what gets to me the most.

Amber is sunning herself by the window, About time too. We are all in need of some sunshine.

 Oh it's so tiring being a cat.

Amber sunning herself.

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