Friday, 12 April 2013

Eventful time.

On Wednesday I went to the hospital to have a shoulder and chest X-ray.
It was early, 8:40 appointment, even at that time the car parks are getting full. I managed to get a parking space near the main entrance as I know I would have a challenge walking up to the other car park.
All done and back home, I got ready to go to the support group meeting. I picked up warrior Sandra and we made our way to the mustard tree. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces. Ann and Bill were there, such lovely people. It was also lovely to see Ann who presented Kate, our specialist nurse, with a cheque. Ann lost George, the colonel, to mesothelioma and this was a big step for her. We all miss George and William who are now angel warriors. They are missed at the groups but just mentioning their names is a tribute to them and their bravery.
We talked about the new trial, that is on its way. Plymouth is one of 9 centres to be chosen. I don't know as yet what the drug or the trial name is or when it will be starting.
I asked Shirley and Mike if they wanted to go for lunch, they said yes so we wondered out to Saltram. It was lovely to see that a bench and still shaped like an oak tree and an acorn had been put beside the tree.
We had lunch and said our goodbyes, I then took a slow walk to the tree and back. When I got back to my car I was coughing and felt sick. I got to the toilet in the cafe and was throwing up,
So much muck.
I was very breathless by now. I rang a couple of friends, I. Couldn't get through so decided I would get myself back one.
I rang 111, the new NHS helpline, the lady on the phone was wonderful, she went through all the criteria and said she thought I should have an ambulance, she waited on the phone until it had arrived. What a star she was, I was very impressed.
The ambulance arrived and the paramedics thought it best for me to be admitted. I called Siobhan, it was answer phone so I left a message. As I was leaving, Siobhan turned up. She came with me in the ambulance. This was around 4pm, Kieran was out at the cinema with his friend. Siobhan's boyfriend stayed home and was there for Kieran if he needed anything. Siobhan and I were still in A and E at 8:00pm, the place was so busy, by 8:40 pm I had told her to go home as I didn't know what time I would be going on the ward. After Siobhan left, I was taken to MAU, the assessment ward. Yesterday I thought I was going to Hexworthy ward, that didn't happen, the nurses were so busy. I just sat and waited, falling asleep in between. I have now been given antibiotics to clear the chest infection. My breathing isn't good, I am hoping that once the tablets take hold, it will get better. I am not sure what is happening today, only time will tell.

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