Sunday, 21 April 2013


Another wonderful warrior fell asleep last night.
she gained her angel wings and so many times was near to wearing them but not Kathy, she picked up and fought back. Kathy had breast cancer, 10 years of a battle that cancer never did win. A valiant and courageous battle that she was in control of until the very end.
She loved her children, Hanna and Dan so much,  She often talked about her pride in them. Often going through her illness with them as her first thought and how they were coping. A true warrior, fighter, survivor, a spirit unmatched. Sorry cancer, you will have to wait for a victim, Kathy isn't one.

I am so very proud of her and hope, when the time comes, I can have half the braveness this lady showed. Today is a strange day as although I am upset, I am proud to be fighting. Kathy showed me that the battle would finish when I am ready, she showed me how it should be done and how cancer was the furthermost thing from her mind. Secretly her heart was breaking, I can imagine that she wouldn't have wanted to leave but if she had to she would go her way, which she did.

 Kathy, my beautiful cyber warrior. We shared many special moments chatting on the phone, talking about our children who are of similar age and what the future held for them. This picture was us celebrating the end of Kathy's chemo, we couldn't be together so we did the next best thing. She was a absolute joy to know, always positive even when her own life was in turmoil, she got through her issues with the pride and dignity she always showed.

 What more can I say, I love you Kathy, I admire you and I know when my tears fell on my cheeks for you last night, you would be in front of me telling me "chin up, fight back, don't cry for me, put all that energy into fighting back or your backside will be black and blue from the swift, hefty kicks I will give you if you don't"

I fight on in your memory beautiful lady, For you and every other warrior who gains their wings. We had a conversation a few weeks ago about dear Kathy going to hell, I said I would meet her there. she said we would clear the place as they wouldn't be able to cope with us : )

This is one lady destined for heaven. She has touched the hearts and souls of so many people and will live within them for a very long time.

My thought are with Hanna, Dan and their families right now. A new journey with their beautiful rose waiting in an invisible garden, she will be watching. Go fourth and make her proud.

Hanna and Dan, you are a credit to your mum, stay the way you are, you are both so brave and she would not have left if she didn't think you could cope with out her. I am always here for you if you need a shoulder or an ear, as she was for me, it's the least I can do. Sending you both love and also love to Lainey, Kathy's friend who she adored,  who, I hope will be a new friend to me.  x x x x x
Love and strength to all of you x x x x

I felt I should share the message below, this is Kathy, this is her strength.... such a wonderful lady.

"Hi cancer buddy! 
How are you doing? I actually think we kind of live parallel lives you and I. My cancer is back, yours is back but we're both strong birds so we will deal with it. I'm not giving up...not for a long time so I am pretty sure you feel the same way. You're an amazing woman Debbie and I truly feel that we have an understanding about this life that we've been given. We are fighters, survivors and united in our belief that positive thinking can overcome the hardest of trials. I love you to bits. Lets do this together...we'll give cancer a right good arse kicking! xxx"

Goodnight my beautiful friend, I will miss you so much. I know you are here and watching every move I make. I won't let you down, cancer will get a double kicking for me now. We are still in it together.
Love you always and forever x x x x



I never met her but spoke via internet...Sat while we Sat waiting i had q little vision of Kathy decked outvlike Bodacia ...told Lainey who i was with that that was how she must be....a warrior....she is now everyone who is touched by this diseases warrior angel...we all have Guardian angels but some people will need a warrior....they are lucky Kats up there to do the job xxx


I never had the privalige of meeting Kat but we knew each other through Lainey. Sat as we Sat waiting i had a little vision of Kathy decked out like Bodacia . I said to Lainey that that was how she must be seen. A warrior amongst women.
And now that will be her role. A warrior angel. We have our guardian angels but some people will need a .
We are lucky Kats up there to do the job

Debbie said...

Thank you for your comment Samantha, I can see her now all decked out in her warrior costume, you are so right, she has to be one of the strongest and most focused women I have ever met and there will never be another like Kathy. Thanks again for taking the time to write on my blog, it is appreciated. x x x