Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lovely day for a Christening.

I was awake at 2 am again this morning, the Oramorph is doing nothing to help the pain at night. It took me a while to get back to sleep.
I eventually went off and was woken by a fluffy paw in my face, it must be breakfast time for kitties.
I heard Siobhan go down stairs, as soon as Stork and Amber hear footsteps going down stairs, they head for the door and race down too.
I looked at my phone for the time.... IT'S 9:22AM !!!! ............... Shock ........... Horror............ I scrambled out of bed and had my breakfast. I have to be at the church for Zach's Christening at 10:30am!!

I got myself dressed and threw on a face. I was out the door by 10:20am. Good job the church is minutes away from me.
I made it with a few minutes to spare. I saw Rachel, my friend I met at work, with her family. Her partner, Matt and her 2 boys, Kal and Zach, looked very smart.
Zach was not impressed at all with the Christening. Rachel's dad took the service as he is a vicar. Zach cried the whole time, he wanted to go back to his parents not have water dabbed on his head.
All done and he was taken out to the play room with his brother, Kal, so the service could continue.

After the service, we all went back to Matt and Rachels place for coffee and cake. It was lovely to see Rachel again and we have said we will meet for lunch. It will be great to have a catch up with her.

Zach's cake.

Zach in his Christening suit, he had little tails at the back too. He looked lovely.

Zach's brother, Kal, was so tired, he went to bed as soon as we got back to Rachel's place.

Rachel and I, I have missed her, so good to see her again.

Matt, Rachel and Zach.  He wasn't impressed with all the people at his house.

When I got back home, I had a quick bite of lunch and felt so tired that I went for a nap. I must have slept for a couple of hours. My shoulder was so painful when I woke up, laying down seems the worse position to be in. I am hoping tomorrow I can sort out more with the pain relief. 

Kieran is back home, he is planning on cooking chocolate fudge cake next. I have told him he doesn't have to be so strict with the recipes. Kieran is very literal so if the recipe says fresh nutmeg, that is what he wants. I did manage to persuade him to get a pot of nutmeg and found out from Siobhan that we now have 3 pots of it in the cupboard. He tries so hard to be self sufficient, we talked about this today. I told him that all teenagers should learn how to make a meal, wash their clothes and tidy up. I have to admit, he is pretty good. He did his own tea tonight. 

Wednesday I have an xray on my shoulder, I know nothing will show up as I haven't hurt it, it's the chest infection. One day I will get someone to listen!!!

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