Sunday, 7 April 2013

Meet my friend pain!!!

Well, no, he isn't my friend. Pain is my arch enemy.
Everything has been fine today, I have taken the 3 x paracetamol and Nurofen, my breathing has been a little better due to having less pain. I had 2 naps this afternoon before going out to see Jayne, Chrissy, Avis, dawn and Yvonne. We met at Jayne's and had take-away curry.
I had a lovely evening catching up with them.
I got home, took my Oramorph, managed to get about an hours sleep and .... BAM...... off we go again.
The pain in my shoulder is horrendous, the Oramorph is less than useless. It makes me feel so tired but I can't sleep due to the stabbing pain in my shoulder. It pulsates, feels like an ice pick going in.
I am so frustrated now, I want to sleep but can't.
My friends little boy is being christened later today ( it's 2:30 am now).
I want to sleep, I need too. Oramorph is rubbish, it never worked when I had the stents put in to cover my TOF and it isn't working now.
Please pain, go away, take a holiday, do something other than bother me.

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