Sunday, 28 April 2013

My weekend in pictures.

What a weekend, it was wonderful. My two lovely warrior sisters traveled from Barrow-in-Furness on Friday to spend time with me and meet my friends.
They arrived around 6 pm on Friday evening.
We went to an Indian curry Restaurant where we met my friend Chrissy. All of us were tired, Chrissy and I because we have not been well and Tracey and Angela because of their very long drive so it was an early night for all of us.

Curry at the Nimbana, Crownhill.


We went to Plymouth's Barbican where we had lunch and then made our way to the house that Jack built which has a very small Gnome world. Angela loves her Gnomes so it made her feel at home.

Tracey found a tree to hide in : )

We took the girls for a Devon Cream tea in the 1940's tea shop. Such a quaint little place.

Angela enjoying her scone: )

A hug from my warrior sister Tracey.

After the Barbican, I took them to see the little meso tree, it was planted in memory of those lost to Mesothelioma and asbestos related diseases and to those still fighting and their families. It was very emotional for the girls as they lost their dad to Mesothelioma.

Tracey added flowers for their dad and other warriors. We looked for Ronny's rainbow, wedidn't see one but were sure she and others were around us.

Sitting on the bench by our special tree.

The girls go home tomorrow, I will miss them so much.

A quick visit to see Sharon who I met on facebook but not in the phtsical. It was her birthday and she decided to have a birthday with a cause. She didn't want presents, she wanted donations for the oncology unit in Derriford. Sharon is a breast cancer survivor. It was so lovely to meet her and be able to contribute to her worth while fun.



A last hug for Cher Bear. My lovely Bear who is dedicated to Cher, our beautiful warrior angel from Australia.

Sharing the ADAO award. these girls helped make it possible.

Thank you girls for a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed it. I got a wheel chair but ended up I didn't need it. I pushed it around and used it more for support. I stopped taking Oxynorm yesterday as the pain in my shoulder has gone, I think that due to the chest infection clearing up, it has eased the pain. The Oxynorm was affecting my breathing so I am pleased to say I haven't taken it for over 24 hours now and am feeling so much better. Still a long way to go but I am doing more. 

Wednesday I will get my CT results and a plan of action. I think the TOF will be sorted out first, an endoscopy and a barium swallow. Maybe radio theray, I will see what my oncologist says.

We did go to the shop on the way home on Saturday night and couldn't resist having our picture taken by a police car that was parked in the garage. The policeman/woman was in the shop so I think we got away with it : )


jack said...

What a lovelyweekend

jack said...

What a lovelyweekend

jack said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend