Saturday, 20 April 2013

So much pain.

it was such a lovely day yesterday, the sun is shining, a gorgeous day. I pulled up one little weed in the garden and got caught by Siobhan. she was cross with me, told me that if I want to go back in hospital them to carry on pulling up weeds. I think I got the message : )
I decided to take some pictures with my phone. I am quite liking photography, I had an arty moment at William and Ann's place.

I went to bed last night and all was fine, I took my usual tablets, Pregbalin pain killer and paracetamol.
All was going well until my shoulder started to become painful again. I took 2 1/2 ml of Oxynorm.
The oxynorm did nothing so an hour half later, about 2:30am I took another 2 1/2 ml. Again, nothing happened. The pain was much worse that it was before. It got so bad that I came down stairs and called the 101 line, it was the NHS helpline previously. The lady on the phone was lovelt and passed me through to a nurse. The nurse was wonderful too and advised me to call St Lukes which I duly did.
I was in tears with the pain, Elsie, the nurse at St Lukes advised me to wake Siobhan up and let her get me a cup of tea and sit with me. I don't like waking her but Elsie said to do it and what would Siobhan say if I didn't. I knew she would be cross. Elsie told me to up the oxynorm to 5 ml as the 2 x 2 1/2 was not working and not even showing any side affects.
At about 4:30am I took 5 ml of oxynorm, had a cuppa and a chat with Siobhan and waited until the side affects started. Elsie advised me to take nurofen with it, it all worked, thank goodness.
Siobhan and I got to bed about 5:30am I think, I went straight to sleep, I was woken up with a hug and kiss from my Prince charmings, Kieran and Stork, Stork is more of a paw in the eye, a "where is my breakfast" paw in the eye!!!
Kieran fed him and I went back to sleep. I must have woke up about 11:00am. I am shattered now and will rest all day. Kieran has gone to his dad's and Siobhan out with friends, it is a beautiful day so I will be hoining my cats and having a good snooze : )

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